Who we are - What we do

We do a few things, and we do them well

Rebel Confectionery & Jams began because friends and family clamor for our luscious caramels and sophisticated jams.  We entered competitions, won awards, and decided to open shop with the passage of the cottage food act.

We think that our caramels should be eaten whenever the mood strikes.  The brittle and crunch you'll want to hoard, but we hope you share. Our jams are more than the yin to peanut butter's yang, they can be used as a grilling glaze, and to add flavor to everything from cocktails to bakery items. We hope you'll think of us whether you're holed up in your man cave, she shed or taking tea with the Queen.

Deb Ray was certified as a master food preserver and using U.S. Home Preservation guidelines utilizes local, seasonal fruits to craft her jams in small batches.  Fresh cream, butter, sugar, spices, & local craft brews are used in our caramels. 






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