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Gather-Oak Park - 6/12/14 - 5-9 pm - 3rd & Broadway

Organized by Unseen Heroes, Gather-Oak Park will be held the 2nd Thursday of each month beginning 6/12/14.  A food lover's extravaganza, it will provide food vendors, food trucks as well as sellers of artisanal confections, jams, and other treats. 

Beers In Sac is on tap to curate a craft beer area featuring local brews.  Rebel Confectionery will provide caramels to pair with the beer offerings.  To go with refreshing wit and hefeweizen styles we'll debut our riff on the Side Car Cocktail.  A caramel with brandy, orange essence and a twist of lemon, along with our Earl Grey Tea caramel, highlighting bergamot's citrus flair.

Gather is a means to get out and see what the neighborhood has going on.  To mix and mingle.  A long communal table will honor the event's theme.